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District Security

Northwest Park MUD has employed a special Team of Harris County Law Enforcement Officers to assist each community within our District with additional Security Patrol. This is a special team of undercover Officers that work part time hours and they drive their personal automobiles; each officer is fully uniformed & armed and able to blend in as a regular homeowner that allows them to be undetected by the bad guys. Community Leaders that reside in the District are urged to contact Michael Broussard (mbrou23@sbcglobal.net) for detailed information on how to coordinate this elite Patrol Team to piggy-back your current Crime Prevention activity in your Community.

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Cooperative Parks Program

The board of directors of Northwest Park Municipal Utility District (the “District”) has implemented a cooperative effort to support the renewal and development of recreational facilities serving residents of the District. The District has appropriated $15,000 for each homeowner’s association (“HOA”) located within the District which may be utilized for any of the following HOA approved projects:

  • Parks
  • Landscaping
  • Parkways
  • Greenbelts
  • Sidewalks
  • Trails
  • Public right-of-way beautification projects
  • Recreational equipment and facilities

Interested HOAs may submit a description of their proposed project by email to District board member Sherri Whitlow-Lee, or contact her for additional information:

(832) 927-7008

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Northwest Park MUD Projects- 2018-07-18

Northwest Park Municipal Utility District continually undertakes projects to improve and maintain the water supply and wastewater collection facilities in the district. The link below provides a list of current projects in progress and recently completed projects:

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New Well at Deer Ridge Water Plant

New Well at Deer Ridge Water Plant

Antoine Water Plant Natural Gas Generator

Antoine Water Plant Natural Gas Generator

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