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Northwest Park Municipal Utility District owns and operates the wastewater collection system serving the district.  The sanitary lines and sewage lift stations located throughout the district transport the sanitary waste to the regional sewage treatment plant located in Willowood.  The District owns 70% of the capacity of this plant.  The District is subject to the continuing supervision of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the regulations of the Harris-Galveston Subsidence District.

Blue Creek Ranch Lift Station Northwest Park Place Lift Station

Storm Water

Part of the infrastructure of a developed area is the inclusion of storm water drains and lines.  This network of lines allows for rain water to drain to the appropriate flood control outfall system maintained by the Harris County Flood Control District.  Any new development requires storm water detention facilities to be provided so as not to impact the downstream areas. 

In the District there are several detention ponds that were included in the residential developments.  In most cases the developers of the neighborhoods were responsible for the maintenance of the detention facilities until the neighborhoods were built out and then maintenance was turned over to the Home Owner’s Associations.

Recently, the District has assumed responsibility to maintain these detention facilities because of issues that arose due to lack of maintenance or improper maintenance in some of these detention ponds.  Motorized vehicles such as three-wheelers and motorcycles are not allowed in these facilities as they can damage the turf which leads to erosion and costly repairs.  The District has contracted with Champions Hydro-Lawn to maintain the District’s detention ponds.  For more information on detention pond maintenance go to their website www.championshydrolawn.com  

Blue Creek Ranch Detention Pond Silver Oak Trails Detention Pond
Northwest Park Meadows Detention Pond  Northwest Park Place Detention Pond 

Dumping of Grass Cuttings, Used Oil and Other Chemicals

Dumping of grass cuttings, raked leaves or any other solid landscaping material into the storm drains causes potential blockages in the storm water runoff system which can cause flooding.  In addition harmful chemicals, paints and used motor oil should not be emptied into the storm drains.  These items should be disposed of properly.


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