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Water Conservation

There are lots of good reasons to learn to use our water resources more efficiently. In Texas, our conventional fresh-water supplies are already 75 to 80 percent developed, so it is just common sense that we put water conservation and reuse measures into effect Ė not only to preserve and extend limited water supplies, but to save some real money, too.

Water customers have a lot to gain by using water wisely. Consider, for example, that if everyone cut back just 10 to 15 percent in personal water use, we could save billions of dollars over the next 50 years. The effort to conserve water requires us to change some wasteful habits, and it must begin now. Some steps are simple: donít leave the water running in the sink, for example, while you put toothpaste on your toothbrush and scrub your teeth. Turn it on for rinsing only. Others, like landscaping modifications, can take more time, thought and resources to accomplish. But, everyone can participate by using water wiser in some way.  Please review the documents listed below:

Saving Water Saves Money
Water Conservation-Drought Contingency Plan 2014
Are There Water Wasters At Your House
Water Conserve Tip Sheet
It's a Toilet - Not a Trashcan!


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